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When learning to read music, a critical skill is to be able to associate the note printed on the staff with the name of the note. There are mnemonics ("F-A-C-E", "Every Good Boy Does Fine", etc.) to help with this, but a good chart that is easily visible while practicing can be invaluable. Here is the one we developed for Marcy to use while learning the clarinet.

(P.S.: Our full-scale mnemonic is: Each Fine Girl And Boy Can Dance)

The small chart can be printed out on a single piece of 8 1/2' x 14" paper.

The large chart prints on three pages that can be assembled into a continuous chart.


  • You'll need scissors or a razor knife and cellophane tape.
  • Print the three pages.
  • Cut along the dotted lines on the right side of page 1 and page 2.
  • Lay page 1 and page 2 side by side. Overlap the right side of page 1 onto the left side of page 2 so that (a) the right side of page one aligns with the small vertical lines (with the arrowheads) on page two and (b) the staff lines align on the two pages. Carefully tape the pages together.
  • Repeat the process with page 2 and page 3.

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