What We Offer:

Through Telarian Webs, a service of the Training Help Desk, we design and build high-quality, low-cost websites* that are:
  • carefully hand crafted on the principle "form follows function".
  • designed with emphasis on serving the needs of the visitor: ease of use and clarity of content.
  • fully responsive... adjust to varying screen sizes (PCs, tablets, and phones).
  • in conformance with the new Google standards for mobile-friendly sites.
  • fully documented and easily maintained*.
  • guaranteed to work correctly in all modern browsers**.
We can also upgrade an existing website to meet current standards of coding and mobile-friendly criteria.

Where needed, we can provide the procurement of domain names and website hosting.

*Sites are designed to be maintained by a professional developer (requires mastery of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and FTP).

**Modern browsers include: IE7+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome