Training Services / COURSES

What We Offer:

For presentation to groups, as one-on-one coaching sessions or as Train the Trainer sessions
Facilitating NGT (Nominal Group Technique)

Structured Brainstorming Sessions (Interactive Workshop).  Provided in either a full-day or half-day version.  Topics include:

  • Overview of the NGT technique
  • How to facilitate a session: review of facilitator’s guide and tools
  • Working with the output from the brainstorming
  • Creating agendas for a variety of venues that incorporate NGT
Building Agendas for Effective Meetings

One hour mini-course. Topics include:

  • Aligning the meeting goal with agenda components
  • Allotting the right amount of time for each agenda topic
  • Selecting processes that lead to desired outcomes
  • Using the Training Help Desk agenda planning guide
Planning and Conducting Effective Meetings

Two hour mini-course. Topics include:

  • Planning meetings
  • Building agendas
  • Conducting meetings
  • Meetings not held in one room
  • Meeting follow-up
  • Meeting pitfalls